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               Real Professional in Repairing Electronic Instrument for all Industries


              Control repairing process step by step by electronic specialist engineer                                                                          

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            Epsilon Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded and established on 1999 by Qualified and highly Experienced Technocrats with vast experience of more than about 20 years in the Industrial Automation Products, Power Electronics, Telecommunication Products, and Instrumentation industry in Service and Repairs field

            The very idea behind Establishing Company is the fact that in the manufacturing Industry every Machine has Electronics for say controlling operational functions, or for driving a motor or for protection of expensive heavy equipment or Machinery or for any automotive operations etc. And these electronics when malfunction or fail, due to various reasons like Supply voltage fluctuations, Extreme operating conditions, like hi Humid conditions or high temperature conditions or life of the components (ageing), etc.. and the amount of direct and indirect losses incurred in terms like Productivity is enormous

            It is needless to mention here that almost all of the machinery are invariably Imported but with no service backup facility and with no documentary diagnostic help to repair (in most cases) and so it just becomes a very helpless situation

            As known there is no established dedicated Agency or a professional repair setup available for the purpose, we felt our expertise experience may be better dedicated to fill this void to serve the manufacturing industry services thereby we will be contributing to industrial growth and as a result is the establishment of Epsilon Technology .

            Repair >>> All  Electronic  Control  Board  (  PCB ) , Plastic Injection Board,  Spinning / weaving Board ( air jet / water jet )  , Inverter ,    AC/DC Drive , PLC , CNC Control , Servo , Touch Panel   , LCD Touch Screen  ,   Power Supply ,     Packaging Process Instrument  (esp: Krones ) , Microguides "Alfons Haar " ,  Medical Instrument and all electronic instruments

           Repair >>> LCD Touch Screen ...if your LCD can not work ... touch screen not activated , Black Screen , Unclear Screen  or  any problem ...

          and etc .  

      Are your Factory facing with Electronic Instrument Problem ?

      @ Don't know where to send them to repair ?  

      @ Have no electronic specialist in your factory who can repair it .

      @ No component to replace , rare to buy  .

      Don't be ever allow the unworkable electronic instrument to  become electronic garbage in your factory 

             Why you have to choose us ? 

        Free Preliminary Check

        @  Control all repairing process by electronic engineer ( > 20 yrs experiences in this field )

        @  Use industrial grade components

        @  Has company guarantee for all jobs  ...Pay nothing if the job didn't work

        @  Free Transportation Service

        @  Free Counseling Service             

              Tel   :  66 2 9317952  ,  66 2 9317953 
           Hot Line : 66 81 4231956  ///  66 84 5545624 /// 66 90 0021940

         Real Professional in Repairing Electronic Instruments for All Industries  


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      Power Supply "Traco Power "
      Electronic Components


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